Cyber Arena

CYBER ARENA is a PVP Battle Card Game with game-play inspired from Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering - but with some unique twists. Players build their deck of game cards (NFTs) from characters in the AnRKey X universe and battle against other users.

All games across the AnRKey X ecosystem are interconnected with stories and game-play. Whatever team you are part of in Battle Wave 2323—step into the Cyber Arena for one-on-one battling against opponents to achieve victory in the arena, which also strengthens your team in Battle Wave 2323.

Level up and earn your bragging rights on our daily and weekly leader-board. Win the one-on-one battle, and get rewarded - win the larger daily and weekly leader-board battle, and your rewards grow exponentially. Those at the top of the leader-board win a bonus power boost in Battle Wave 2323!



Minimum NFT Requirement

Players will have to own a Battle Pass NFT which can be acquired in game and reused every week. Players will also require 4 NFT cards in their deck to start.






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