Epic War

Epic War is a blockchain game designed and developed to create an ecosystem of gaming, fun, passive earning and investment. In this game, Players will have their own in-game avatar, weapon and gear. They can customize their characters with unlimited possibilities. Players build their guilds and conquer different planets in the open world gameplay, and they can create their own battle map and scenario in the game, based on the multichain of blockchain technology. Epic War blends many game elements: FPS shooting, adventure playing, survival fighting, role play experience and military strategy.

Epic War is a 3D blockchain game that goes beyond the limitations of other blockchain games. Epic War combines game and film, along with comic books and NFT collectibles. It's like an interactive novel with RPG elements, but more than that as it offers multi-device gameplay experience.

Game features of Epic War:
· 3D Blockchain Cinematic Game and Collectibles: Game + Comic Book + Film + NFT
· Metaverse Co-Op RPG on multi-devices: PC/Mobile gameplay and VR gameplay
· Free-to-play-to-earn model
· Gaming DAO (EpicDAO): Fund DAO + NFT DAO
· Open World Gameplay: PvE + PvP + PvPvE

War, the very word sends a chill down most people's spine. For some it is a forgotten thing of the past, something from which we have moved on. But for others it's still a reality, even in this modern age. When nuclear war breaks out, who will save us? Who will step forward and fight for our world? That's where Epic War comes into play. This is our story on Planet Kepler-22B. The epic tale of war against monsters and how mankind must rise to meet this threat.

Experience the ultimate scifi game! Join the Revolutionary army and fight for freedom in this online multiplayer shooting game, built on multichain. Accomplish missions in PvE mode and join up with other players online to battle each other in the lawless zone. The game is free to play, and gamers can earn tokens while they play through PvE PvP and PvPvE mode or eSports competitions or by trading items on a player-to-player marketplace.



Minimum NFT Requirement

None; Free-to-Play


PC App; Mobile [Apple Store & Play Store]


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