Fitmint, a move-to-earn game where you can earn rewards in crypto tokens and NFTs simply by walking, running, playing sports or working out.

To begin your journey, you first need to download our app from the play store and mint a sneaker NFT which gives you access to the Fitmint app. Post that, you can start working out and earning in FITT tokens, our native ERC20 token built on the Polygon blockchain.

Your sneaker NFT will have various attributes like power, durability, stamina, and comfort which determines how much you can workout and earn. You can use some part of your FITT earnings to upgrade your sneaker and other gameplay activities like breeding, competing with friends, and so on.

Over time, not only will you keep earning more FITT tokens, which you can use in the gameplay or cash out, but also boost the value of your Sneaker NFT increase as you keep upgrading. And more importantly, you also ACTUALLY workout and get fit. Isn’t that a win-win?



Minimum NFT Requirement

1 Sneaker NFT Required


iOS & Android Only


FITTTo Be Announced


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