Legends of Crypto

Legends of Crypto is a play-to-earn trading card game where players compete in an epic duel using fantasy cards. The game is being developed by RBL Labs BV, Amsterdam-based gaming, and NFT studio headed by industry veterans Mik Mironov (CEO). Legends of Crypto pays tribute to the legends who shaped the crypto industry, by creating playable cards of these legends. Legend of Crypto is a competitive game which means players need to create the strongest deck in the game to outsmart the opponent. Players have complete ownership of cards which means they have the freedom to trade, sell, and use their cards within or beyond the game. What's more, the game's own metaverse. The game introduces "Cryptsie City" a place where the player can own land, customise their place, invite friends providing a best XR RPG style immersive experience.



Minimum NFT Requirement

15 Cards Required to Start


PC | Web Browser. Mobile Coming Soon




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