Nunu Spirit

🌳 Welcome to Nunu Spirits, where you can

πŸ‘‰ Play fun casual mini-games
πŸ‘‰ Earn on-chain rewards
πŸ‘‰ Plant trees in the real world

By tying our NFTs to something real (trees) our assets represent something of real world value and even generate revenues to sustain our Play 2 Earn 2 Plant ecosystem.

☘️ It is the only game ecosystem that combines the mass market appeal of Super Cute Casual Gaming with the earning potential of Blockchain Gaming and turns it all into direct Ecological Action! The best part the more we trees we plant together the bigger our ecosystem, the "Nuniverse," becomes - more mini-games, more ways to play, and most of all, more rewards to earn!

🌱Welcome to *PLAY 2 EARN 2 PLANT!**🌱



Minimum NFT Requirement

Free to Play; One NFT required for Beta and to Earn


PC App; Mobile [Apple Store & Play Store]


NNTGovernance Token
NUGOIn-Game Token


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