Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria (or LoA) is a play-to-earn NFT MMORPG inspired by games like Runescape and Ultima Online. This sandbox game features a vast open world and 34 trainable skills, giving you the tools to write your own story and play how you like. You can be a warrior, a thief, a crafter, a mage, a treasure hunter, or whatever your heart desires.

LoA includes a cutthroat player-versus-player combat system that allows players to attack one another anywhere in the world (except towns), and as a full-loot game, you’re able to strip the corpse of your fallen adversaries for any valuables that they may have been carrying. To protect yourself, you can also seek refuge in player-owned houses. You can build and decorate your own homes, using them as a place to gather with friends or store your items.

In the mythical world of Celador, you can accumulate wealth in the form of gold coins and rare items. The gold coins earned while playing will have a representative value as a cryptocurrency, such that they can be swapped for real money anytime. And, any items you get in the game, even the deed to your house, can be minted as an NFT and resold on our NFT Marketplace at your leisure.



Minimum NFT Requirement

Must own an NFT Character to play


Windows PC; To list on Apple App Store & Google Play Store in December


$ARIASeed Round


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