Star Symphony

Welcome to the realm of Star Symphony where the once peaceful Symphonia is now divided amongst each tribe as every tribe take pride on each of their own music. Over a hundred years have passed since the last Star Goddess has moved unto heaven & since then, the Festival of Stars has never took centre stage and each tribes will live within their own island. In Symphonia, when great music is played, they will earn MStar Shards that fuels their island. As each tribe competes to become the leader of them all by having the most MStar Shards, they await for the emergence of the new Star God/Goddess. The question is, could it be you?

Symphonia, is a big vast land that is made out of many different Star Islands. Each of these Star Islands have their unique characteristics & beloved genre of music.

In the Central Region closest to Tower of Stars, lies Rock-A-City. A city that gained its famed for producing the greatest rock artist of all-time, it is a dream come true for many inspiring musicians to be able to hold their shows in the concert halls of Rock-A-City.



Minimum NFT Requirement

Players are required to own 1 NFT through the GACHA system.


PC & Mobile


To Be Announced
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