Time Raiders

TimeRaiders is a fast-pacedshootand loot, time-travel, Play and Earn, NFTgame. Players travel through time to fight enemies and take their resources back to their own time where they can be crafted into new items, sold to fund their activities, or used to power up their characters, weapons and other items. Everything in the game is an NFT that can be traded for Xpendium($XPND), Time Raiders’ native in-game utility token.

The first levels are set in an alternative reality of WW2, but subsequent levels will include Prehistoric (dinosaurs!), Victorian Steampunk, Medieval Dark Ages, Futuristic Outer Space, Feudal Japan, Three Kingdoms China, Far Future Warzone Hellscape, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Aztec … And eventually, user-generated & owned levels!



Minimum NFT Requirement

To Be Announced


To Be Announced




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