Warp Bond

WARP brings together the best components of blockchain and gaming in a single, multifaceted package: GameFi, NFTs, DeFi and multichain integration, all in a sci-fi multiverse. We aim to enhance the GameFi experience within a sustainable economy built around the WARP token.

WARP is an ecosystem that includes Play-to-Earn games in which players can compete for prizes represented by in-game loot boxes, battle against each other, and play fun arcade games. WARP aims to disrupt the Web3 gaming industry by providing a vibrant and immersive ecosystem with multiple short and long game loops. We made it easy for players to access Starship NFTs and simplified the gameplay. We also utilize a single token across the WARP ecosystem with multiple use cases.

The current burn mechanics are:
- 5% sell tax is burned
- 10% battle fee is burned
- Starship upgrades are paid with warp and burned
- Starship repairs are paid with warp and burned
- Expeditions/races require fuel to participate. fuel is bought with warp and burned
- Galactic club game losses are being burned.
- Deflation of token's circulating supply as our ecosystem is developed and the seasons progress.

Multichain Ecosystem
Our games will be hosted on high throughput servers, but due to our innovative architecture, players from multiple blockchains will be able to interact with one another.

Game Modes Include:
- Idle Game
- PVE and PVP Modes
- Racing Mode
- Quests (Expeditions)
- Mini games (Arcade style)
- Faction Battles
- Space Lore (Metaverse)



Minimum NFT Requirement

Minimum 1 NFT to Start [ $150 from Whitelist | $200 from Public sale ]


PC | Web Browser


To Be Announced


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