Genxies started as a gaming guild in May 2021 backed by 3 Founders, Ken, Zeus and Selina, who had a united vision to create a play, learn and earn environment for people seeking out for growth in the Metaverse, a world where most elements of future meet: blockchain, crypto, DeFi, NFT games, etc. With the passage of time, Genxies evolved into a Web 3.0 start-up which continues to have strong community culture at its heart. As a guild which focuses on grooming talents in the gaming scene and blockchain space, it takes pride in its first-rate onboarding process, training programme, coaching system, as well as community blockchain and NFT workshops.

Axie infinity = 70% to scholars with good meta.
Pegaxy = 30% and up to 3 rental Pega for each scholar.
Thetan Arena
(coming soon) Aavegotchi
(coming soon) Starbots
(coming soon) Legends of Venari
(coming soon) Step N

Available Scholarship Slots
Axie infinity = 220 available
Pegaxy = 500 available
Other games = coming soon

As of current, Genxies guild houses 500+ scholars across different Web 3.0 games and 1800+ members with a core team supported by Community Leaders, Trainers, and Moderators. The community and scholars currently consist of members from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, and South Africa.




Axie Infinity
Thetan Arena


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