PolkaStarter Gaming

🎮 Polkastarter Gaming is the web3 fundraising platform’s first step at reimagining the future of blockchain gaming by lowering the barrier to entering the play-and-earn space for web3 & traditional gamers alike.

🔥 Polkastarter Gaming Guild (PGG), among the first to directly launch and incubate games, has received over 4,000+ scholarship program applications since its launch in December 2021, & is en route to creating a gaming hub housing the top blockchain games with an active community of over 70,000+ gamers on Discord, and over 30,000+ on Twitter.

🤝 Polkastarter Gaming currently plans to scale & expand by partnering with the next generation of games including Big Time, Illuvium, Mobland, Undead Blocks, Thetan Arena, WonderHero, Mecha Morphing among many others - to continue diversifying its offerings to the community across genres & chains.

🎯 We are currently pursuing partnerships and collaboration opportunities with more games & gaming communities, providing game testers, community feedback, in-game economy evaluation, marketing events, content creation, IDO & INO support, and advisory.


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