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Web3 Gaming

gDEX is a seamless & easy to use Web3 gaming platform allowing chainless experiences with instant one-click onboarding & management of daily gaming operations

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Web3 Gaming Made
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Web3 Gaming in the metaverse is a trillion-dollar opportunity that is gated by the pain of the user experience, poor accessibility & is impossible to reach mass adoption.

gDEX provides a fundamental breakthrough to this experience

Easy-to-use Tools with Seamless Web3 Gaming UX for Players & Gaming Orgs

Simplified management of all your Web3 gaming assets, games library, identity, gaming org teams, activity & experience from one platform

Complete Web3 Infrastructure with Plug & Play APIs for Games & Publishers

Jumpstart & scale user adoption without limits bringing mass adoption to your Web3 games & publisher platform

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Registered Metaverse Passports & Platform Users


TTL Followers/Subscribers of Professional Gaming Influencers Backing gDEX


Registered Metaverse Passports & Platform Users


SEA Integrated Gaming Partner Communities


TTL Followers/Subscribers of Professional Gaming Influencers Backing gDEX

Gaming Should Be Fun Not Complex & Scary

Quick &
Easy UX

Wipe away multiple complex steps with instant one-click onboarding & gaming


Your players won't know. Enjoy gaming on any chain with seamless operations

Removed Financial &
Security Risks

No more copying & pasting countless wallets, accounts, private keys & seed phrases

One Social Login &
Digital Identity

Play, grow & monetize all your game account contents & experience from one place

Simplified Gaming
Asset Management

Complete self-custodial multi-chain treasury operations for NFTs & game tokens

Ultimate Guild &
Gaming Org System

Instant Web3 org role access control, management, reward claims, payroll & more

Gaming Data

Gain real-time valuable data from every point of contact to make informed decisions

Save Time and

Remove extensive costs, timelines & custom Web3 needs with our complete tech stack

Enabling Web3 games to onboard the next billion non-crypto Web2 gamers

Become Chainless

gDEX provides full multi-chain support for the most in-demand chains

But you would never know it while using gDEX… because players don't really care

What People Are Saying

“Web3 gaming is filled with major pain points every step of the way. gDEX is the 1st solution in the market that can truly onboard the next billion non-crypto Web2 gamers by providing the best Web3 gaming experience in the metaverse.” Sandeep Nailwal Co-Founder & COO Polygon, Founder Crypto Relief

“To onboard billions of Web2 gamers into Web3 we need to provide a great user experience, not make it more technical & cumbersome. gDEX’s suite of tools is the answer to this problem by enabling a frictionless & easy to use gaming experience for users.” Bryan Lu Co-Founder YGG SEA, Founding Partner Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Partner Headline Asia

“gDEX is building products that are truly valuable for the entire gaming world, and absolutely needed to bridge the gap and onboard Web2 players into Web3 gaming.” Fresh Professional Gaming Influencer, Fortnite Character Skins, Streamer of the Year Winner, 18M+ Followers/Subscribers, 2.5Bn views

"I believe gDEX will define the future of gaming making it possible for gamers to fully benefit from Web3 technology like NFTs, crypto, & true ownership of their gaming assets by providing the right infrastructure allowing a seamless Web2 experience.” JeromeASF Professional Gaming Influencer, Roblox, Minecraft, 12M+ Followers/Subscribers, 2.5Bn views

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Start Building with
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